we shoot on an antique camera
a picture appears in front of everyone
Our team works on the instant photo principles of photo studios of the 30s

Retro Photo Show

We take pictures on the camera of the middle of the last century, we show a photo using the technique of the beginning of the twentieth century, we are watching the magic of the appearance of the picture now.

In the digital age, photography has become commonplace, so much so that we don't even notice how we take a hundred photos per second. We have the opposite! Each photo is gaining importance and value, in the eyes of everyone there is the creation of something that can not be repeated - the imprinted moment of time.

Thanks to the synthesis of new technologies and old recipes, all the processes taking place with a snapshot, the audience is watching in real time.

Our mobile photolaboratory will be of interest to both the younger generation and older folks. The first is driven by interest in something real, the second is nostalgia.

Retro photo show will fit into any concept of the event, merge with any stylistic decision of the holiday and will be a wonderful attraction for all guests.

Retro photo show at the residence of the Ambassador of Great Britain in Moscow
Media Christmas Reception 2018
How we work
The sequence of the retro photo show
1. Taking a photo
2. Developing
3. Drying
4. Giving away
First stage:
Photographing an object
A guest freezes for a minute. The photographer adjusts the focus, opens the lens for a few seconds. A bright flash and it's done.
Second stage:
Chemical processing of the resulting image
This is the most interesting stage
The first two processes take place in a mobile photo lab. This is a small darkroom of the size of a chest. Inside there is a camera that broadcasts what is happening on the TV screen and everyone can watch the negative appear.
The following processes are not afraid of light and are carried out right on the table.
First, the negative will disappear, and then a positive image will appear.
In total, it takes about 3 minutes to process one photo.
Third Stage:
The photo hangs on a clothespin and dries after reagents and rinsing.
As if in a photo lab, photos are hanging and waiting to be taken away. The photo dries completely in about 15 minutes.
Fourth stage:
Guests take their photos
These photos will not spoil for at least 150 years.
This is a real photo on the technology of the last century. So our grandfathers and great-grandfathers were photographed. Agree, it is nice to take such a gift with you.

Pricing depends on many factors (place, time and number of photos) and is set individually. Please email us at wowshow@list.ru for more details.

We need access to running water, a network connection, and space 8-10 m² for our photozone to run as intended.

1.5 hours of photozone operation
up to 30 photos
3 hours of photozone operation
up to 60 photos
4 hours of photozone operation
up to 100 photos
more than 4 hours of photozone operation
more than 100 photos
We offer two formats of retro photo shows.
Retro photo show for the events
It suits perfectly for the coroporate events in the welcome zone.
Analog photo workshop
We help to create specialists portraits, develop ways of training of personnel. We develop branding for new companies or rebrand products. Our competitions are company identity, packaging, brand audition, copywriting, brandbook etc.
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